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Pipe Flange standards ASME Standards. ASME B16.1 - Gray Iron Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings: Classes 25, 125, and 250; ASME B16.5 - Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings: NPS 1/2 through NPS 24 Metric/Inch Standard; ASME B16.24 - Cast Copper Alloy Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings: Classes 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500; ASME B16.36 - Orifice Flanges

Piping Design Info XLS (40+ Sheets) | PIPING GUIDE

05-01-2015· Piping Design Info XLS is an excel file which almost contains all sizes of various fittings and structure sizes. This came out handy at many calculations which we requires from time to time while doing piping. Here are the contents of the excel file: 150# RF PIPING DIMENSIONS; 300# RF PIPING DIMENSIONS; 600# RF PIPING DIMENSIONS; 900# RF PIPING DIMENSIONS

Basic catalogue - Standards, dimensions and grades

Outside diameter D Tolerances dimensions in mm Tolerances of outside diameter D Tolerances of wall thickness T1) for T ≤ 5 5 < T ≤ 40 D > 219,1 ± 0,75% or ± 6 mm, the smaller value applies in each case ± 10% or ± 0,3 mm, the larger value applies in each case ± …

Pipe Fitters Handbook - pipe-valve-fitting

Pipe and Flange Data Weld Fitting and Steel Flange Data Table of Contents Gruvlok Tech. Data Bolt Templates General Welding Information Conversions Drop Nipple and Tee-Let Installation Pipe Thread Standards GRUVLOK® INSTALLATION AND ASSEMBLY Figures 7000 & 7001 Couplings 1. Check & Lubricate Gasket Check gasket to be sure it is

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Metal Industries is a Professional steel flanges and forgings manufacturer in india, specialize in manufacturing Flanges Table, Flanges Dimensions, Flanges Standard Chart, Flanges Size Chart, steel valve, flanges bolts, steel flanges, steel forgings range of flange and forging types and sizes. Home / Products / Techinical Info. Flanges Types

WSA 109:2021 Flanged Gaskets and O-rings

A dimensional analysis verified that the internal flange dimensions specified in this Standard do not intrude into the waterway of flanges ... variables regardless of flange material. An Excel spreadsheet calculator has been ... 4129 Fittings for (PE) polyethylene pipes for pressure applications 4331.1 Metallic flanges ...

Dimensions and Weights of Carbon Steel pipes as per …

10-09-2020· The nominal pipe sizes are specified in mm and inches. The Carbon Steel pipe wall thicknesses is specified in mm and all dimensions as per ASME B36.10. Select the pipe size to display the wall thickness data in extracted table below. 1/8 inch (DN 6) 1/4 inch (DN 8) 3/8 inch (DN 10) 1/2 inch (DN 15) 3/4 inch (DN 20) 1 inch (DN 25) 1-1/4 inch (DN 32) ...

PTFE Lined Piping and Fittings Full Product Catalogue

Terminations: Fixed flanges fitted off centres. Dimensions: Fitting centreline to face and face to face dimensions are in accordance with those laid down in ASME B16.5 where relevant. Product Traceability All CRP manufactured Lined Pipe & Fittings are backwards traceable from the finished component to the manufacturing tests, processes and


ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES Outside Diameter of fittings at beginning of bevel : FOR O.D. AND WALL THICKNESS SEE PIPE CHART SECTION. For sizes up to and including 2.5''….…..+0.06 -0.03 FITTINGS OVER 24" MAY BE MANUFACTURED FROM WELDED PIPE WITH THE WELD SEAM XRAYED. For sizes 3'' through 4''….………………+0.06 -0.06

PVC Pipe & Fittings Sizes and Dimensions Guide …

PVC Pipe & Fittings Sizes and Dimensions Guide (Diagrams and Charts) This is an epic guide setting out the different types, sizes and dimensions of PVC pipes as well as PVC pipe fittings and couplings. We include a free PDF version as well as detailed illustrations …

Minimum Pipe Spacing in Pipe Rack - The Process Piping

22-09-2017· Spacing based on min. clearance of 25 mm between flange of one pipe and outside diameter of adjacent pipe. All dimensions shown in millimeters. If pipes are insulated, insulation thickness has also to be added. To arrive at spacing between two pipes of different ratings, refer to calculations for both pipes and use the larger of the two distances.

Technical requirements for Pipes & Fittings

2.2 Carbon steel pipes shall be supplied in double random lengths (11 to 13m) for pipe sizes 2″ to 36", and in single random lengths (5 to 7m) for pipe sizes 1.5″ and smaller. 2.3 SS, DSS and CS galvanized pipes shall be supplied in single random lengths (5 to 7m) for all pipe sizes.

Flanges and their joints — Circular flanges for pipes ...

4.1 General. Table 6 specifies the flange types and collar types. Figures 1 and 2 show flange types and collar types with the relevant flange type numbers. Flanges shall be denoted with "flange type" and the "flange description". Collar components shall be denoted with collar type and the collar description.

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ASME/ANSI B16.5-1996 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings - Class 900 Flanges - outside and inside diameters, bolt circles, numbers and diameters of bolts. Carbon Steel Flanges - Pressure and Temperature Ratings . Maximum ratings for flanges conforming to ISO Standard 2229 dimensions and material specification AST-A-105

Piping Tools and Thermodynamic Excel functions add-ins

To produce an add-in from a function, save the function as a complement (case of Excel). Examples of functions that read information from a sheet are the "Pipe dimensions functions" and the "Air and water properties functions" It has to be considered, that it is not convenient that …

Pipe Fittings & Steel Nipples

Fig. 821 Flanged Cross .....69 Cast Iron (continued) Fig. 823 Flanged Lateral .....69 Fig. 825 Flanged Concentric Reducer .....70 Fig. 826 Flanged Eccentric Reducer .....70 FLANGED FITTINGS – CLASS 250 (EXTRA HEAVY)


BUTT - WELDING PIPE FITTINGS ANSI B 16.9 / 16.28 Outside Diameter Nominal Pipe Size Center to End Length Inch. mm D P C M H 1/2 x 3/8 15 x 10 21.3 17.1 25 25 - 1/2 x 1/4 15 x 8 21.3 13.7 25 25 - 3/4 x 1/2 20 x 15 26.7 21.3 29 29 38 3/4 x 3/8 20 x 10 26.7 17.1 29 29 38 1 x 3/4 25 x 20 33.4 26.7 38 38 51 1 x 1/2 25 x 15 33.4 21.3 38 38 51


DIMENSION OF PIPE FLANGES AS PER TABLE BS- 10 Table D: For Working Steam Pressure upto 50 Ibs per sq. inch Nominal 1/2" 1 1/2" 3 1/2" 7" 12" 20" Table F: For Working Steam Pressure above 100 Ibs and upto 150 Ibs per sq. inch Table E: For Working Steam Pressure 50 Ibs upto 100 Ibs per sq. inch Pipe Size Dia. of Flange Bolt Circle No. of

ASME B16.5 Flange Specification (Dimensions Ratings ...

This standard covers pressure-temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, testing, and methods of designating openings for pipe flange and flanged fittings. ASME B16.5 standard covers Steel Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings from NPS 1/2 through NPS 24 Metric/Inch in pressure class 150 to class 2500.

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