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Teflon tape - Plumbing Forum - The Inspector's Journal

Dec 09, 2013· "White Teflon tape used on gas pipe connections is forbidden, because small pieces of tape can get shredded during assembly, break off and flow downstream to block the gas valve. There's a special yellow Teflon tape and compounds available for gas piping and you should have this condition evaluated by a licensed plumber-water heater supply line"

How to Use Teflon Tape: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Jan 11, 2021· Always use yellow Teflon tape for gas-lines, since this yellow tape is specifically for that purpose. For waterlines, use pink tape for best results. White tape is also acceptable for water lines whose pipes have a ⅜" diameter or less, but favor pink over white in general, since pink tape …

Teflon Tape: Correct Use of Plumber's Tape

Feb 04, 2021· Plumber's tape can also be used on some gas-pipe connections, but this requires a special type of plumber's tape, typically colored yellow, that is rated for gas lines. Proper Names Ask for "Teflon tape" in any hardware or home store and you'll get what you need, but there's no product that carries this name.

Can you use gas thread tape for water?

Jun 04, 2020· High-density pink tape is used on water lines; yellow tape is designed for gas-line use. White tape (often low density) is used on water lines. Furthermore, what kind of Teflon tape do you use for gas? Yellow PTFE tape (aka Teflon) is supposed to be used for sealing gas pipe thread, and white PTFE tape, for water.

Why is yellow Teflon tape used for black iron gas pipe and ...

The only difference between yellow PTFE (Teflon) tape for gas and the white tape for water and oil is the thickness. Tape for usage in natural gas lines is required to meet the commercial grade A-A-58092 which is 3.5 mils thick and have a minimum ...

Teflon Tape or Pipe Dope? What Should I Use for Installing ...

Mar 07, 2019· Check out this short video on using teflon tape or pipe dope to make water tight connections. There is a correct way on how to apply teflon tape. Both do wor...

Is white PTFE tape allowed on gas fittings these days ...

Apr 13, 2019· 10. Apr 13, 2019. #9. Darren Jackson said: As previously stated gas PTFE is white nowadays but a lot thicker than ordinary PTFE. It is in a yellow dispenser though so as to not get confused and stated for gas use or at least what I use is from my local merchants is anyway.

How to Seal a Natural Gas Line | DoItYourself

Sep 26, 2010· The first step when replacing a gas pipe line is to disconnect the existing pipe and get a new one. The new pipe can be installed by first wrapping four layers of Teflon tape on the male pipe threads. Ensure that all threads are covered with the tape and that the tape is wrapped tightly. When this is done, coat the threads with pipe dope ...

How to Install Black Iron Pipe | DoItYourself

Sep 14, 2011· Step 2 - Attach Pipe Fittings. Black iron pipes are joined using fittings and connectors. In a typical gas line installation, Teflon tape or pipe joint compound should always be used on the threads to insure there are no leaks. If using a pipe thread sealant tape, wrap it around the threads and insert into the fitting.

teflon tape on gas lines? — Heating Help: The Wall

Nov 18, 2005· gas teflon tape. The yellow tape specifically rated for gas works very well. It's reliable and goes quick. For most uses,you'll never use pipe dope again. just pipe dope is to keep the fittings near the gas valve sparsly covered so that tape or dope do not get into the gas …

Can Teflon tape be used on gas fittings? - The Silicon ...

Aug 16, 2017· But I heard you can't use Teflon tape on gas fittings. Suitable tape for gas fittings or pipe has a yellowish color, like you see here. If you use too much tape on the pipe joint, you can cause a problem. Use 3-6 turns, leave the top two threads on the pipe …

How to Connect Gas Pipe Lines (DIY) - Family Handyman

Dec 26, 2020· Coat each connection and watch for bubbles to form. If you see a bubble, turn off the gas and try tightening the leaky connection. If this doesn't work, take it apart. Inspect flare connections for debris or damage. Fix leaky threaded connections by reapplying pipe joint compound or gas-rated Teflon tape and reassembling the fitting.

The 10 Most Common Plumbing Mistakes DIYers Make

Jan 24, 2021· Also, use the right tape. • Use thin white or thick pink thread tape for fittings that carry water. • Use yellow gas-rated tape for threaded gas line connections. • Never use thread tape on compression or flare fittings. Connect your new gas appliance yourself and save $200!

When to Use Pipe dope, Teflon Tape, Neither or Both for ...

Jan 25, 2018· Shop our products: https://pexuniverseAbout PEX Universe:PEX Universe (aka PEX-U) is a leading industrial equipment supplier offering high quality heatin...

Pipe Dope Vs. Teflon Tape | Hunker

Teflon Tape. Also called plumber's tape, Teflon tape comes spooled onto rolls much like adhesive tape. Like pipe dope, it is designed to seal threaded joints against leakage, but it's a stretchy film that can be wrapped around threads. It is normally white in color but can also be color-coded to denote what the pipe …


Teflon tape is one of those great new products from the early 70's. A customer's recent stubborn coating leak confirmed why we discourage the use of Teflon tape on fluid fittings. In the wet coating industry there are two types of threads NPT (National Pipe Tapered) and NPS (National Pipe …

Gas Piping - teflon tape — Heating Help: The Wall

Aug 15, 2014· Pro dope. Gas line must be done with pro dope. And nothing else. No Teflon tape on gas line will pass NYC inspection 403.9.3 Thread compounds. Thread (joint) compounds (pipe dope) shall be resistant to the action of liquefied petroleum gas or to any other chemical constituents of the gases to be conducted through the piping.

Can You Use Teflon Tape on Gas Pipe Fittings? | Hunker

Teflon tape for gas fittings, also known as gas-rated Teflon tape, is yellow in color and clearly states it is for gas lines and connections. The tape works on all gas line types, including butane, propane and natural gas lines. Gas-rated Teflon tape is thick, …

How to Connect Gas Pipe Lines (DIY) - Family Handyman

Coat each connection and watch for bubbles to form. If you see a bubble, turn off the gas and try tightening the leaky connection. If this doesn't work, take it apart. Inspect flare connections for debris or damage. Fix leaky threaded connections by reapplying pipe joint compound or gas-rated Teflon tape and reassembling the fitting.

Iron pipe & teflon tape with pipe dope - Plbg

Re: Iron pipe & teflon tape with pipe dope. Author: PlumberManDan (IA) Not if it is CORRECTLY applied, Yellow Tape on gas lines and white,pink one lines carrying water, I personally prefer Dope lightly and a round of white tape on all BIP heating /cooling piping and Dope only on gas…

Best way to seal gas line threads, Pipe dope, teflon tape ...

Jan 11, 2011· Yellow tape, designed for gas pipes has a higher density than the white tape used for water. That is the only difference, but since most respectable contractors use yellow tape for gas, I would suggest you do the same and follow it up with some pipe dope, also made of teflon …

What Teflon Tape To Use On Gas Pipe Connections

Aug 02, 2020· Teflon tape is the most common pipe sealants. It's used on all types of threaded pipe connections and comes in a variety of colors each meant for a different purpose. Teflon tape is known generically as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) tape, or simply "plumbing tape.". Teflon is a brand name, not the actual name of the tape.

Teflon tape? Pipe dope? Both? - Fine Homebuilding

Feb 02, 2020· Neophyte plumbing question here – hope this is the right place: In a threaded plumbing connection, I have seen instructions to put teflon tape on the male threads, and pipe dope on the inside of the threads, but I can't tell whether these are either-or or if you use both together?

Teflon Tape vs Pipe Dope - Tape Authority

Sep 08, 2016· Teflon tape is not actually a sealant and is more of a thread protecting lubricant. Although it can be used for standard water pipes it should never be used for high pressure systems. One advantage that Teflon tape has over pipe dope is that is not as messy to use and clean up after.

The "Do's and Don'ts" of CGA Cylinder Connections

Don't: Use Teflon Tape to Create a Seal Another common mistake people make is applying Teflon tape to the connection to get to the seal. Actually the tape will cause a leak and typically not prevent a leak. When tape is applied to the CGA nut, it prevents the nose of the bullet-nose CGA to fully contact the mating surface inside the cylinder ...

White tape on gas lines | The Building Code Forum

Jan 16, 2014· And that not using Teflon is a code requirement. I have not been able to find that code requirement. My experience based upon 30 years of gas work, it that the propane does not harm the Teflon. My personal preference is to use the blue pipe dope, it does seem to seal better. I do not use tape, I do not get good results with tape.

Teflon Tape for Gas Connections | HomeBrewTalk - Beer ...

Jul 21, 2019· Teflon tape should only be used on NPT fittings where the tapered threads are what is forming the seal. Straight thread fittings do not needs teflon tape and are sealed with some sort of gasket/o-ring/washer. On the metal to metal flare fittings, you need the flare washers mentioned above.

What's best for gas pipe/fitting connections?

What's best for gas pipe/fitting connections? Author: Burkey (MN) I'm a remodeler who has encountered several strong opinions as to which product (ie) teflon tape, pipe dope like "Rector Seal", or "Harveys" etc. is best for connections. I prefer the yellow teflon tape, yet have heard that the gas will eventually eat through the tape.

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