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4300 Catalog Hydraulic Flanges and Components Stainless Steel Flanges GQ Code 61, 62 / NPT M36 G5Q Code 61, 62 / SAE-ORB M36 PQ Code 61, 62 / Blank M38 BFW DIN Flange / Metric Flareless M32 GEQ Code 61, 62 / NPT M34 G5EQ Code 61, 62 / SAE-ORB M33 W6EQ Code 61, 62 / Weld Socket – Tube M35 QPQPJQ Code 61, 62 Junction Tee M33 Tee W5Q Code 61, 62 ...

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Hydraulic Flanges and Components The 4-bolt flange connections conforming to SAE J518 and ISO 6162-1 and -2 are proven, leak-free connections, especially suited for larger sizes, higher pressures and assembly in tight quarters. Threaded port connections such as SAE straight thread O-ring and ISO 6149 are reasonably easy to assemble

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Hydraulic & Offshore Supplies YOUR GATEWAY TO GLOBAL SUPPLY ... SAE-90° Außengewindeflansch 24° DIN 3901 / SAE-90° threaded flange 24° DIN 3901 AFG -…/90M/L 52/53 SAE-90° Flansch-Adapter 24° ... Cetop flanges metric bolts: DIN 912 / …


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316 grade stainless steel available in a range of sizes, thread types and configurations. Hydraulic Adaptor Fittings - Stainless Steel; Hosetails & Ferrules - Stainless Steel; Metric Tube Fittings - …


METRIC DRILLED BOLT HOLES METRIC TAPPED BOLT HOLES 8 8.5 MM M8 X 1.25 12 10.5 MM M10 X 1.50 ... NPTF THREAD QUICK SELECTION GUIDE SAE HYDRUALIC 4 BOLT AND SPLIT FLANGED FITTINGS O-RING PRESSURE ... line of hydraulic flanges. For our detailed catalog containing specifications on more than 1,200 sizes and configurations

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04-02-2020· Standard hydraulic flanges (Fig. 6) overcome both of these problems. Flanges use an O-ring to seal a joint and contain pressurized fluid. An elastomeric O-ring rests in a groove on a flange and mates with a flat surface on a port—an arrangement similar to the FFOR fitting.

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Metric Thread DIN 24° Light (L) and Heavy Series (S) with O-ring. The male has a 24° sealing angle cone seat with straight metric threads. The has a 24° convex cone with O-ring and a swivel straight metric threaded nut. Standard: ISO 12151-2 / ISO 8434-1 & ISO 8434-4. The most commonly found sizes on hydraulic hose are below:

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At British Metrics, we carry a variety of metric fittings, valves, washers and more. Search our pneumatic accessories and hydraulic fittings for sale now. IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF EUROPEAN FASTENERS, FITTINGS AND METRIC HARDWARE. 1-800-762-5134. NEW SIGN UP; LOG IN .

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Choose from our selection of hydraulic flanges, including over 550 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

DIN (Metric) Flanges – API International, Inc.

DIN (Metric) Steel and Stainless Steel Flanges We stock PN-rated steel and stainless steel slip-on flanges manufactured to the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) specification. Choose from a wide range of slip-on, ring-style flanges sized according to DIN metric standards available in …

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Thread Identification On The Go. You can now have thread identification at your fingertips! RYCO's Thread ID Mate application aids with thread and connector identification. The intuitive and simple identification process will help you find detailed information about threads …

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32 1. 2 Series Page Series Page Series Page PRODUCT INDEX ORFS 45° Swept 847 50 ORFS 90° Swept 848 50 3000 PSI Straight Flange 823 51 3000 PSI 90° Swept Flange 859 51 3000 PSI 45° Swept Flange 868 51 6000 PSI Straight Flange 8236 52 6000 PSI 90° Swept Flange 8596 52 6000 PSI 45° Swept Flange 8686 52 JIS BSP JIS-BSP 807 53 JIS Metric …

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Michigan Flange Manufacturers & SAE Flange Supplier Serving the entire USA including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. MAIN Manufacturing develops, manufacturers & distributes hydraulic flanges and components.

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05-03-2012· Note that the two pressure classification flanges are not interchangeable and have different bolt patterns. The ISO 6162 is considered the worldwide hydraulic flange standard, as it includes the North American Standard (i.e., SAE Code 61 and 62 or SAE J518) with UNC threads and the International standard with metric threads.

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hydraulic industry use different terminologies for tube fittings, Tube couplings, adaptors, connectors, flare less tube fittings, ferrule fittings, progressive ring fittings at Hyloc Hydrotechnic Private Limited.

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Straight Thread O-Ring to 37° Flare; Straight Thread O-Ring to Straight Thread O-Ring; Straight Thread O-Ring to Hose; SAE Split Flange To 37° Flare; SAE Split Flange To O-Ring Face Seal; Braze & Weld to 37° Flare; 42° Inverted Flare to 37° Flare; Restrictor; Metric to 37° Flare; Metric to Pipe; Metric; BSPP to 37° Flare; BSPP to Pipe ...

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Metric Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings We offer a full selection of Metric Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings, including BSPP, BSPT, Metric, and 30° Seat. Tompkins metric compression fittings are highly resistant to vibration and create strong, reliable, leak-free connections.

Hydraulic Flanges & Accessories

Hydraulic Flanges/Accessories 1803 MJ-Flange 45˚ Code 62 1703FG MJ-Flange 45˚ Code 61 1803FG MJ-Flange 45˚ Code 62 1900-61 Hex Head Mounting Kit 1900-62 Hex Head Mounting Kit 1900-M Hex Head Mounting Kit Metric 1903/1904-61 Captive Flange 1903/1904-62 Captive Flange 1927/1928-61 NPTF Port Block 1927 ... SIZE O.D. THREAD FLANGE (in.) (in ...

Ermeto Original High Pressure Hydraulic Flanges

High pressure hydraulic flanges M5 Catalogue 4100-5/UK M Methods of connection – Parker 4 bolt flange products Connecting tube and hose via a threaded tube/hose end connection: The flange adapters provide means of connecting tubes or hoses to a 4 bolt flange port via threaded connection such as Seal-Lok (ORFS), Triple-Lok® (37° flare), etc.

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Also known as Code 61 SAE hydraulic flanges, these let you create an access point in a high-pressure hydraulic line. High-Pressure Steel Threaded Pipe Flanges. Also known as Class 1500 steel flanges, these have the strength to handle high pressures. High-Pressure Steel

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