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toughness (and thus of resistance to brittle fracture) than absorbed energy, at least for high-strength steels. While this position may not be universally accepted, MLE requirements for some materials have been incorporated into the ASME pressure vessel codes.

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Brittle fracture is a crack in a metal (iron especially) tube or pipe. This occurs when the temperature of the test item is lower than the temperature of the testing medium. The water used for testing should be approximately the same temperature as the system components to be tested. A large variation in temperature also causes expansion and contraction of metal fittings and flanges resulting in leaks at …

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In the absence of suitable choices from Annex-A, carbon and low-alloy steels may be tested and qualified for use under specific sour service conditions or for use throughout a given SSC Region. Testing and qualification shall be in accordance with NACE Part 1 and Annex B. Documented field experience may also be used as the basis for material selection for a specific sour service application.

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Joints can be permanently welded for high integrity systems or reformable types such as flanged, screwed or compression fittings may be used. Welded joints should meet the requirements of a standard such as BS 2971 'Specification for Class II welding of carbon steel pipework for carrying fluids'.

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Risk of Brittle Fracture of Carbon Steel Piping During Hydrostatic Testing . At B31.3 meetings in Seattle April 2016, a history of recent failures during hydrostatic testing in A105 flanges, A234 carbon steel fittings and A106 and A53 seamless pipe in piping that was 1/2 inch thick and thinner was presented to the committee members. The

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Process Industries Materials Roundtable Fracture Risks with Non-Impact June 22, 2015 Calgary, Alberta AmeriTAC 117 ... and Brittle Tested Carbon Steel Piping, Fittings and Flanges. Another hot industry topic is Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) ... steels are susceptible to …

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Welding is a relatively cheap method of joining two metallic components—pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting, or fitting to fitting—to create an effective pressure seal. This joint can be inspected using nondestructive examination (NDE) and hydrostatically tested to satisfy the relevant codes. Welding Carbon Steel and Low-Alloy Carbon Steel

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26-10-2017· Personnel working on a major capital project experienced a significant issue related to the supply of non-conforming ASME SA-350 LF2 low temperature carbon steel (LTCS) weld neck flanges. Flanges were destructively tested and found to have Charpy impact toughness far below minimum values required by the ASME specification.

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Low-Temperature Carbon Steel: Low-temperature carbon steel is steel that has been killed to improve the microstructure to raise the fracture toughness, to reduce susceptibility to brittle fracture. Low-temperature carbon steel must be qualified by impact testing. Killed Steel: Killed steel has the same improved microstructure as low-temperature carbon

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The k-factor is the product of four sub-factors relating to susceptibility to brittle fracture, as follows: k=k d.k g.k σ.k s. and takes values ranging from <0.25 to 4. Low values of k denote higher susceptibility to brittle fracture, e.g. high applied stress, high strain rate or the presence of stress concentrations.

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The value may exceed a material's design limitations leading to weld failures, higher cracking potential, and increased susceptibility to brittle fracture. Other benefits of PWHT are listed below: Improved metallurgical structure; Improved ductility of the material; Reduced risk of brittle fracture …


Fracture of PVC-U pipe adjacent to tapping point Leaking joint Water leakage through the joint. Often a result of a displaced rubber ring joint or debris left in the ring groove during installation of RRJ pipes. Lead jointed steel pipe can also leak. Displaced rubber ring in PVC pipe Debris under elastomeric joint seal (rubber ring) Other examples

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15-05-2019· Barry Messer, Technical Director for Metallurgy and Welding at Fluor Corp and Messer Engineer Ltd., provided an overview of new brittle fracture susceptibility in carbon steel pipe, fittings, and flanges that meet ASME Code.


Flanges and pipe s m aterial used in pressures vessels are made from carbon steel allo ys [1]. The 2 ״ piping that connected to the carbon steel flange of steam boiler, failed after six years of ...

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26-07-2013· As a result, its use has been considered for piping systems to be constructed with high yield strength steel with pressures as low as 28,000 kPa (5,000 psi). There is not a hard line at Class 2500, as some people assume because of the definition included in ASME B31.3, but rather it is a decision to be made by the owner, giving consideration to the economics.

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01-07-2016· Elements that reduce the potential for brittle fracture in carbon steel: Deoxidation, aluminum (Al) killed steel; A Mn/C ratio ≥ 5; Grain size of 7 or finer (grain size of 8 or finer for A350 Gr.LF2, Cl.1) Normalizing heat treatment; Elements that could increase the potential for brittle fracture in carbon steel:

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weldability, carbon steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the electric power generation industry. Carbon steels in which carbon represents 0.15–0.35%—those used most often as boiler and piping materials—are the focus of this Carbon Steel Handbook. Although carbon steel is available in virtually all product forms, it is the

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The investigation also revealed low Charpy impact values which can potentially cause brittle fracture at low service temperatures. Therefore, additional flanges from the same supply chain (various manufacturers) were quarantined and tested by the destructive Charpy impact method as well as by the non-destructive Automated Ball Indentation (ABI) method.

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Steel pipe and related fittings which are made from the NACE material (complied with NACE MR 0175 or ISO 15156 standard). We call them NACE pipe, or NACE pipe fittings. Therefore, these products are specially used in the oil and gas environments that contain the H2S etc corrosive chemicals.

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01-10-2016· The carbon steel gas pipe was inspected externally and internally and photo-documented. Dimensional mapping was conducted and shown in Fig. 5a. The major failure area consists of approximately 45–50 mm in length of reduced section of pipe along with …

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