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ASTM A53 Pipe Specifications | American Piping Products

ASTM A53 pipe (also referred to as ASME SA53 pipe) is intended for mechanical and pressure applications and is also acceptable for ordinary uses in steam, water, gas and air lines. It is suitable for welding and for forming operations involving coiling, bending, …

Maximum Pressure Rating Schedule 160, Schedule 40 and ...

221 · Maximum pressure ratings for pipes per. API 5L Carbon Steel Pipe and A-106, A-53, A333, A334. Minimum tensile strength 60 ksi (60000 psi). This table defines the maximum pressure rating for the specified industry standard pipes, Schedule 160, Schedule 40 and Schedule 80.


Extra strong, expertly cast iron is at the heart of Ward Fittings quality. From laboratory to foundry, raw materials undergo strict metallurgical and processing controls, chemical analysis and inspection to produce closely grained, high-tensile, non-porous iron. Generations of expertise and rigorous quality control results in durable yet precise cast and […]

Making Sure Steam Piping Is Safe(10 Simple Rules and ...

Jun 28, 2005· Many pipe fittings are marked with a manufacturer's logo or insignia, size, and schedule rating (example 6 inches SA 234 Gr WPB or 1 inches 3000M A105 B 16.5 with the logo). The pressure rating must be at least equal to the design MAWP. Again ASME/ASTM SA/A 234 or SA/A 105 B 16.5 give the specific requirements for these fittings.

Schedule 40 pipe pressure capcity? - Practical Machinist

Jan 10, 2005· In other words, yeah it'll handle the 400psi air pressure just fine and no, you don't need to spend twice or 3 times the money and buy seamless pipe, because the rated working pressures on seamless and welded standard steel pipe is the same for temperatures you'd normally have in compressed air service. Don't use any cast iron fittings.

Black Iron Pipe Fitting Plugs | McMaster-Carr

Choose from our selection of black iron pipe fitting plugs, including over 5,400 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. ... Also known as Class 3000 fittings, these have the highest pressure rating of all the aluminum pipe fittings we offer. Medium-Pressure ... Unthreaded Pipe Fittings. Also known as Schedule 40 fittings, these have ...

Sch XXS Pipe - sch 40 pipe || schedule 80 pipe pressure rating

Schedule 40 has same dimensions as STD. Schedule 80 has same dimensions as XS. Nominal Bore 3/4 inch (DN 20 mm), Outside Diameter 26.67 mm Schedule Sch.5 Sch. 10 STD XS Sch.160 XXS Wall Thickness (mm) 1.65 2.11 2.87 3.91 5.56 7.82

Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings | McMaster-Carr

Also known as Class 3000 fittings, these have the highest pressure rating of all the aluminum pipe fittings we offer. Titanium Threaded Pipe Fittings Titanium has similar strength to steel, but is approximately 40% lighter.

Schedule 40 Cast Iron Pipe wall thickness || Sch 40 Cast ...

Citizen Metals is a Globally recognized supplier of Sch 40 Cast Iron Pipe.our CI Division has manufacturing facilities in Ahemdabad, Gujarat, India with an occupied area of approximately 80000 square feet.We manufacture Sch 40 Cast Iron Pipe & Pipes in CI Pipe and Water Pipe for boilers and Line Pipes. Citizen Metals is having over 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of Sch 40 Cast Iron ...

8 Things You Need To Know About Black Steel Pipes

The biggest difference between ERW pipe and seamless steel pipe is that ERW pipe has welding line, which is the same as welded steel pipe, but seamless black steel pipe doesn't have, either does the welded steel pipe. Furthermore, the welding line of ERW pipe is the key to the quality of ERW steel pipe.

ICC-ES PMG Product Certificate PMG-1036 - Viega

Schedule 10, Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 black iron, galvanized, or carbon steel pipe to Viega Fittings. Viega MegaPress G fittings are rated for a maximum operating pressure of 125 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) (862 kPa gauge). Press fittings are …

Guide to Thread and Connector Working Pressures


What is the pressure rating of schedule 40 black steel ...

Mar 01, 2011· Pipe ratings are the operating pressures that a pipe can be constantly operated at. There are a few classes of Plumbing pressures. Schedule 40 black iron is 150 psi class, meaning that the ...

Pipe Fittings & Steel Nipples

History For over 150 years, Anvil has been a trusted name in piping solutions by consistently providing quality products, service, and support to the PVF industry.

Technical/Installation Information - Charlotte Pipe

Cast Iron, PVC, ABS, and CPVC pipe and fittings for plumbing and industrial systems. ... PVC SDR Pressure Pipe and Fitting System, SDR 21 and SDR 26 PVC Schedule 40 Pipe & Fittings PVC Well Casing PVC Schedule 80 Pipe & Fittings. Products.

Pipe Fitters Handbook

6 ANVIL® PIPE FITTERS HANDBOOK GRUVLOK® INSTALLATION AND ASSEMBLY Figures 7400 & 7401 Couplings 1. Check & Lubricate Gasket Check gasket to be sure it is compatible for the intended service. Apply a thin coating

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings, CS Buttweld Pipe Fittings ...

Manufacturer of Schedule 10 Carbon Steel Buttweld Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Suppliers In Uae. We at Neelcon Steel company is producing Carbon Steel Buttweld Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Manufacturers In India. we have our ware house in Thane district and factory in Gujarat.We also have our distributor in China and we can supply Carbon Steel Buttweld Elbows and Carbon Steel ...

PVC Schedule 40 Pipe & Fittings

PVC Schedule 40 Pipe & Fittings. ASTM D 1785: Specification for poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC) plastic pipe, Schedule 40, 80, and 120 Scope: This specification covers PVC pipe in Schedule 40,80, and 120 for pressure applications. This system is intended for pressure applications where the operating temperature will not exceed 140° F.

ASTM A234 WPB Steel Pipe Fittings Standard Specification

As we know, ASTM A234 steel pipe fittings are used in pressure piping and in pressure vessel fabrication, for services at moderate and elevated temperatures. The fittings material in this standard consist of killed steel, forgings, bars, plates, seamless or …

Pressure Ratings - Engineering ToolBox

ASME/ANSI B16.3 - 1998 - Malleable Iron Threaded Fittings - Pressure and Temperature Ratings. PE Pipes - Pressure Grades . Polyethylene - PE - pipes and pressure classes. PE Pipes - Pressure Ratings . Water pressure ratings for schedule 40 and schedule 80 Polyethylene plastic pipes. PE Pipes - Temperature and Pressure Ratings . PolyEthylene ...

Charlotte Pipe

Cast Iron, PVC, ABS, and CPVC pipe and fittings for plumbing and industrial systems. ... ABS DWV Foam Core Pipe & Fitting PVC Schedule 40 DWV Pipe & Fittings PVC Schedule 40 DWV Foam Core Pipe PVC Schedule 30 Thin-Wall Pipe & Fittings. PVC D 3034 Sewer Main Pipe. Plastics. PVC SDR Pressure Pipe and Fitting System, ...

Black Pipe Fittings - Grainger, Canada

Black fittings are interchangeable with black cast-iron or steel. NPI connections. For low-pressure applications including air, water, natural gas and steam. Galvanized fittings resist rust and corrosion. Maximum pressure 300 PSI WOG at 150 Degrees F, 150 PSI saturated steam. Black fittings are interchangeable with black cast-iron or steel.

Standard Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot ...

1.1 This specification 2 covers seamless and welded black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe in NPS 1 / 8 to NPS 26 [DN 6 to DN 650] (Note 1), inclusive, with nominal wall thickness (Note 2) as given in Table X2.2 and Table X2.3.It shall be permissible to furnish pipe having other dimensions provided that such pipe complies with all other requirements of this specification.

Black Iron Pipe vs. Carbon Steel Pipe - CR4 Discussion Thread

Feb 13, 2015· In the pipe fitting world in the USA black iron is a slang name usually used to describe threaded sch.. 40, SA 53 ERW pipe. This would typically be used for systems below 150 lb. psi Although one would probably use cast iron or malleable fittings the pipe is made of steel.

Black Class 150 / Schedule 40 Pipe Fittings - NPT

Black Class 150 / Schedule 40 Pipe Fittings - NPT - 200 We also offer full lengths of threaded or plain end black steel, galvanized or stainless steel pipe upon request. Please contact our customer service team for further details.

Pressure Ratings of Steel Pipe Based on ASTM A53 Grade B ...

Pressure Ratings of Steel Pipe Based on ASTM A53 Grade B or A106 Grade B Seamless ANSI 831.1, 1977 with allowances for connections and fittings reduces these working pressures approx. 25% PIPE PRESSURE-PSIWATER PRESSURE-PSIPIPE NOM. SIZE SCH. HAMMER NOM. SIZE SCH. HAMMER INCHES WORKINGFACTORNO.BURST INCHES WORKINGFACTORBURSTNO. 1/8 3500420020 ...

MegaPress Fittings - Shop Viega MegaPress Solutions | viega.us

Designed for Iron Pipe Size (IPS) stainless steel, Viega's newest line of MegaPress fittings make efficient connections possible for more applications than ever before. MegaPress Stainless fittings are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel and MegaPress Stainless offerings for IPS are approved for use with Schedule 5 through Schedule 40 pipe.

Malleable Iron Threaded Fittings - Pressure and ...

Related Topics . Pressure Ratings - Pressure ratings of pipes and tubes and their fittings - carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, copper and more; Related Documents . ASME/ANSI B16 Standards for Pipes and Fittings - The ASME B16 standards covers pipes and fittings in cast iron, cast bronze, wrought copper and steel; BSi - Pipe, Tube and Fittings Standards and Specifications - British ...

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