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Goodridge Banjo Bolts in Metric & UNF from Merlin …

Goodridge Banjo Bolts in Metric and UNF Threads. Goodridge Banjo Bolts and Fittings are available in mild steel, stainless steel and in some cases aluminium. M12 x 1 Steel Banjo Bolt. £7.26. Goodridge 3/8UNF Banjo Bolt In Mild Steel. £2.01. Goodridge 3/8UNF Banjo Bolt In Stainless Steel. £5.54.

Banjo Adapters | AN Plumbing

We are the worlds first online supplier of Earls AN fittings, adapters, Swivel Seal, Ano-Tuff, stainless steel braided lines, PTFE lined braided, AN wrenches, AN port adapters, fuel filters, Aeroquip Air Conditioning Hoses, check valves, oil filters, oil block adapters, Earls oil coolers, Setrab oil coolers, gauge adapters, Turbo line kits, brake lines, brake hoses, Huge inventory of -3 -4 -6 ...

BSP Pipe Fittings - Farnell

BSP Pipe Fittings Banjo Bolt – Regulating Single Stacking B D1 E Sealing Washer – for use with banjo fitting Material: Copper Product B D1 E number thread A/F BSP 36 0459 01K 1/ 8" 34,0 14 36 0459 02K 1/ 4" 36,5 17 36 0459 03K 3/ 8" 51,5 22 36 0459 04K 1/ 2" 58,0 27 Bi-directional Flow Male parallel BSP thread Product B D1 E number thread A ...

Metric Banjo Fittings Metric Banjo to -AN Hose Metric ...

Banjo Fittings Metric Banjo to Push-on Hose Metric Banjo Bolts (aluminum & steel) - standard, long and double lengths. BSP Banjo Bolts (steel) thread size UHL part # M12 x 1.0 25mm BJBM121 M12 x 1.0(2) 30mm BJBM121L M12 x 1.25 25mm BJBM1212 M12 x 1.5 24mm BJBM12 M12 x 1.5(2) 30mm BJBM12L M14 x 1.5 25mm BJBM14 M14 x 1.5(2) 31mm BJBM14L

131362 Description: Banjo Bolt (special thread pitch) for ...

131362 Description: Banjo Bolt (special thread pitch) for 5/8-18 OR 16mm x 1.5mm thread pitch, use for any Ford or GM pump Previous 131501 Ford rack (1 piece cast aluminum rack housing) to GM pump and GM Hydro-Boost system.

T-banjo fittings | Fritsche - Hersteller Schmiertechnik

This banjo in T-piece design is a special gland for use at the input of a progressive distributor of a centralized lubrication system. Due to the special design of this elbow bolting, the main line of the central lubrication pump can be connected with the main distributor, respectively the high pressure hose can be connected from the pre-distributor to a sub-distributor.

1 Parker # 22 DIN Metric Banjo x 5/8" i.d. …

Buy 1 Parker # 22 DIN Metric Banjo x 5/8" i.d. Hose Fitting direct from MROStop for huge savings on all of your industrial Industrial Hose

JEGS 110516: Black Banjo Fitting 5/8"-20 Thread to …

JEGS Black Banjo Fitting 5/8"-20 Thread to -06AN Hose. Part Number: 555-110516. Product Q&A View Now. Click image to zoom. $14.19 $12.79 SAVE $1.40 Lowest Price Guarantee $ + $ $ Black Banjo Fitting; 5/8"-20 Thread to -06AN Hose Fits: Edelbrock Performer; Carter AFB Carburetors See more ...

Banjo Adapters: DiscountHydraulicHose

Steel Banjo adapters and bolts are the answer to difficult hydraulic problems. With multiple ways for fluid to flow, banjo fittings are a great tool when space is tight.

Banjo Fittings & Bolts for Fuel & Brake Lines | JEGS

JEGS Black Banjo Fitting 5/8"-20 Thread to -06AN Hose. $14.19 JEGS Carburetor Adapter Fitting. $15.89 Edelbrock 90° Banjo Fuel Fitting 3/8" Hose Barb. $15.95 Russell PowerFlex Steel Hose End Straight. $12.49 Earl's Speed-Seal Hose End Straight. $9.03 Holley Fuel Bowl Inlet Fitting Gaskets For center hung float bowls.

Zero-Leak Banjo Fittings | Hydraulics & Pneumatics

04-09-2015· Custom-designed banjo fitting product line is made with multiple seal technology for a zero-leak connection in vibration, pressure spike and temperature variation applications. Multiple seals distinguish the Zero-Leak Gold Banjo Fitting from traditional copper washer dependent Banjo fittings. Two separate and independent seals form a double redundant sealing system.

Fittings | Aeroquip

fittings. System engineered to extend hose assembly life. High performance to increase uptime in critical operations. Superior durability made to last. Designed to fit both the AQP Racing Hose and Startlite hoses, our aluminum reusable fittings offer the best value. Use and reuse interchangeably between the two hose types.

Fitting 1/2" Hose ID Barb x 16mm or 5/8" Banjo Steel Zinc ...

Steel Banjo Fitting. 1/2" Hose ID Barb. 5/8" or 16mm Banjo Steel. Material: Zinc Plated Steel. Package Quantity: 1. More Information. More Information. High volume orders may ship from manufacturer. Specifications are as listed, however actual products may …

Barbed fittings - Festo

Barbed fittings Product range overview Design Version Type Pneumatic connection 1 Pneumatic connection 2 Page/ M thread G thread Barbed Internet connector For tubing O.D. [mm] Barbed connector For tubing O.D. [mm] Straight shape Barbed fitting with male thread and external hex N M5 – – – PK-3 – 5 PK-4 Barbed fitting with male thread and ...

Banjo Fittings, Connectors and Couplings—Pipe, Hose ...

Zero-Leak Gold banjo fittings, connectors and couplings offer a number of advantages over competitive products in pipe, hose and hydraulic fitting applications. First, separate independent seals provide protection against weeps and leaks, and they can reseal repeatedly while withstanding vibration, temperature variation and pressure spikes.

131263 Description: Banjo fitting for 5/8 or 16mm bolt to ...

Part # 131263 Banjo fitting for 5/8 or 16mm bolt to -6 TEFLON®* hose (field attachable) small GM pump w/ reservoir attached

Banjo Fittings and Adapters - Pit Stop USA

PitStopUSA -Banjo Fittings and Adapters. Banjo Fittings and Adapters. Many calipers are designed for use with a banjo style connection to the caliper. These adapters allow the use of AN brake hoses w/ these calipers. Be sure to use the correct brake banjo bolts and crush washers for installation. Banjos are also used in some fuel systems.

5/8 Inch or 16mm to AN6 Banjo Fitting for Power Steering …

5/8 Inch or 16mm to AN6 Banjo Fitting for Power Steering Pump made by Speedway Motors, for as low as $26.99. Talk to the experts. Call 800.979.0122, 7am-10pm, …

Banjo Adapters | Hose and Fittings Source

Banjo Adapters are often difficult to work with, so these conversion adapters make it simple and easy to eliminate awkward hose or tube arrangements in order to produce the assembly needed. It is also common for many other JIC, BSPP and Metric Banjo bodies to be 2 parts: a braze male JIC with a nut to a braze banjo body.


THE WORLD OF TUBE FITTINGS PIPE SCREW JOINTS A MALE STUD COUPLINGS A MALE STUD COUPLING BSP Series LL, BSP taper. Series L+S, BSP parallel, form B. description pipe OD PN series S S 1L l d 3 i G kg / 100 pcs A 4-RLL 4 LL 100 (400) 11 10 26.0 16.0 – 8 R 1/8" K taper 1.4 A 6-RLL 6 LL PN 100 (400) 11 12 26.0 14.5 – 8 R 1/8" K taper 1.6

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