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SAE Flange Hydraulic Connectors - Tubes International

These very compact SAE flange connectors are available as two standard types:. threaded connectors ( with metric or BSP imperial threads), socket weld connectors. They are equipped with a set of mounting screws and o-ring seal (it does not apply to counterflanges).

SAE 4 bolt flanges - Parker - Free 3D CAD Models

Parker > ERMETO High Pressure Hydraulic Flanges > SAE 4 bolt flanges 3D CAD models. ... ERMETO High Pressure Hydraulic Flanges. Pin Board. CAD model selection PAFG-90G EO - SAE 90° 4 bolt flange with BSPP 60° cone end. 10.03.2021; PAFG-90L EO - SAE 90° 4 bolt flange …

SAE Flange Catalogue - Hos

SAE-Außengewindeflansch 24° DIN 3901 / SAE-flange metric tapped 24° DIN 3901 AFG- ... that allows for higher pressure rates 2. bolts with surface - bolts grade 8.8: yellow zinked ... The indicated working pressure refers only to the flange itself. For used tubes, fittings and connections, ...

SAE 4-Bolt Flanges According to SAE J518/ISO6162

Ø Bolt Hole Ø Port H BW Min. W W BH We Make Valve Automation Easy SAE 4-Bolt Flanges According to SAE J518/ISO6162 1-800-899-0553 Dimensions and Torques Size Max. PSI Dimension (inches) Bolt Torque (ft/lb.) Ø Port H BH W Min. W BW


High pressure hydraulic fl anges M8 Catalogue 4100-8/UK Technical data Flange screws SAE Flanges according to ISO 6162-1 and -2 (SAE J518) – metric screws according to DIN 912-8.8 (ISO 4762-8.8) or DIN 912-10.9 (ISO 4762-10.9)1 – UNC screws according to ASA B 18.3 Square fl anges according to ISO 6164 (1994) and Cetop – metric screws ...

Spools and Adapters - Sara Sae

The Swivel Flange permits 360° rotation of an outer ring around a hub. Swivel Flanges can be designed for any size and pressure rating. Swivel Flange Spools and Adapters Sara manufactures a wide range of high pressure flanges, tees, crosses and conforming to API 6A and in line with specific customer requirements. Flanges, Tees and Crosses

High Pressure SAE Flange Check Valves 3000# …

SAE flange check valves are spring loaded check valves designed to restrict fluids to flow in one direction only. They are complement to SAE 3000 and SAE 6000. Design: Spring Loaded Sizing: 1/2" to 2" Material Specification: Steel Connections: SAE Flange End, Code 61 / Code 62 Pressure Range: 3000# Cracking Pressure: 2

High Pressure BSPP 6000 psi SAE Threaded Hydraulic …

High Pressure BSPP 6000 psi SAE Threaded Hydraulic Flange Havit [P20820429] - Bolts, washers and O-Rings are not included and must be purchased separately. Request Tech-Sheet Nos. 1629 & 1630 for Technical Information. AFS = Flange with O-Ring Groove

High Pressure SAE Flange Check Valves 6000# …

SAE flange check valves are spring loaded check valves designed to restrict fluids to flow in one direction only. They are complement to SAE 3000 and SAE 6000. Design: Spring Loaded Sizing: 1/2" to 2" Material Specification: Steel Connections: SAE Flange End, Code 61 / Code 62 Pressure Range: 6000# Cracking Pressure: 2

High Pressure Hydraulic SAE Flanges Manufacturer in India

Renowned High Pressure SAE Hydraulic Flange Suppliers, We Supply In All Sizes & Any Specifications Of Clients. view its specification/price list/ dimensions chart here. Call : …

6000 PSI High Pressure Hydraulic SAE Flanges| CODE 62 …

we offer a comprehensive range of 6000 PSI High Pressure Hydraulic SAE Flanges, Check CODE 62 Flat Face Flange stock at our stockyard, offer Straight SAE Flange 6000 PSI at …

What are the Pressure Ratings for different SAE Flanges ...

03-03-2020· SAE Flanges are usually forged flanges designed to standard SAE J518C and ISO 6162. They are mostly used in hydraulic systems and high pressure applications. So what are the working pressures for different sizes of SAE hydraulic flanges? There are two different series divided by the pressure ratings, which are: Pressure 3000 psi series SAE ...

Ermeto Original High Pressure Hydraulic Flanges

High pressure hydraulic flanges Introduction The 4 bolt flange connections conforming to SAE J518 and ISO 6162-1 and –2 are proven, leak-free connections, espe-cially suited for larger sizes, high pressures and assembly in tight quarters. Threaded port connections such as SAE straight thread O-ring and ISO 6149 are reasonably easy to

SAE Flange Weld on High Pressure Tube - hydfitting

SAE flange weld on high pressure tube 1. Material is carbon steel, stainless steel. 2. Socket weld pipe flanges adapter and butt weld flanges 3. OEM flanges and block is welcome. 4. Flanged Elbow flanges, flanged Tee flanges, connector block and flanges adapters.

Hydrotek - Beyond Hydraulics - SAE flange seal

Execution : special high pressure seal PDF-OV for flanges SAE 3000 / 6000 PSI / . Material : NBR, shore 93. Customers who bought this product also viewed: Flange seal O-ring SAE flange 3000 PSI SAE flange 3000 PSI 45° SAE flange 3000 PSI 90° SAE flange ...

Learn about 9 Types of Pipe Flanges – A complete Guide …

These flanges are available in weld neck, slip-on, and threaded end types. Reducing flanges are an economical way to make transitions between pipes of different sizes, however, due to high-pressure loss, they are rarely used in piping. ASME B16.5 covers the dimensions of reducing flanges.

14-3. Hydraulic Flanges SAE J518C & ISO 6164

SAE-spIit flange halves SAE - split flange halves SAFH Nominal Size, in Standard Pressure 308 SAFH 312 SAFH 316 SAFH 320 324 SAFH 332 SAFH 340 SAFH 348 356 SAFH 364 SAFH 380 High P ressure SAFH 608 SAFH 612 616 SAFH 624 SAFH 632 3096 38 89 45.24 51.59 61 og 722' 84.94 102.39 11510 127.79 153.19 u .54 42.06 54.76 64.29 80.16 3213 38.48 43.69 74.93

What are SAE Flanges? – Chuan Kok Blog

06-02-2016· SAE Flanges is a range of high pressure hydraulic flange which is made in accordance to SAE J518 standards. The acronym SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. These flanges are used on oil hydraulic systems in many fields (shipbuilding, mobile hydraulic equipment, machine tools, earth moving machines, etc…

API Flanges Dimensions | API 6A 5000/10000 Blind Flange ...

api flanges standard is american petroleum institute, api 6a 6b and 6bx flanges designed to handle a higher-rated pressure, api 6a flanges manufacturer, api 5000 weld neck flange dimensions and weight.

High Pressure Ball Valves, Gemels Italy Valve, SAE Flange ...

Gemels are an Italian based manufacturer who specialises in the production of ball valves for over 30 years. Gemels have a very board product range from 1/4 to to 10" for low and high pressure ( max 10.000 PSI/80 Mpa ) So far our products have been successfully engaged in a lot of industrial fields like chemical, marine, hydraulic and industrial automation.

JB Hydraulics BV | High pressure flanges

High pressure flanges are used frequently in hydraulic systems. A complete flange connection always consists of a flange with O-ring groove and a flat flange (counter flange). The flanges are mounted with the aid of bolts (Metric or UNC) and the seal consists of an O-ring (90° shore) or SAE …

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