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Example: Step two MEASURE THE PITCH. Take your Thread Pitch Gauge and try to match up the threads as illustrated in Figure 3. Your Thread Pitch Gauge indicates that the pitch is 1.5 Metric. Example: Review Chart Thread Identification Guide. You should be confident now that your thread is …

A-Z guide to grease fitting types, sizes and thread ...

The thread fittings are commonly used in the BSPP, BSPT, metric parallel, metric tapered, NPT/NPTF, and UN/UNF. After determining your fitting thread, then you can now choose from the many different kinds of grease fittings, according to each of their particular features.

Metric System & Specifications - Fastenal

The metric screw thread is identified by the capital letter M, followed by the nominal diameter. Metric threads are measured by the distance between two adjacent threads in millimeters (pitch). Threads on a standard (inch based) fastener are measured by counting the number of threads per inch. The tolerance system for metric threads is composed ...

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Additionally, threads shall meet the requirements of ISO Thread/7. 5.1.2 – Dimensions-metric – Metric CPVC / Brass Transition Fittings (for use in potable water applications) shall meet the dimensional requirements of the manufacturer. Additionally, threads shall meet the requirements of ISO Thread/7.


Click here to return to the thread data chart page index. ISO Metric profile External (bolt thread) Internal (nut thread) Basic mm Size mm Thread Designation Simple Thread Designation Pitch mm Class Major Dia d=D max. min. Pitch Dia d2=D2 max. min. Minor Dia d3 max. min. Class Minor Dia D1 min. max. Pitch Dia d2=D2 min. max.

Metric Hydraulic Compression Tube Fittings

The complete line of metric tube fittings described in this "fittings" section is also available in stainless steel. These fittings are made of 1.4571 stainless steel (AISI designation is 316 Ti). ... Metric Threads Designation Thread O.D. (mm) Thread O.D. (inch) Thread Pitch (mm) M8x1 8 0.314 1 M10x1 10 0.393 1 M12x1.5 12 0.472 1.5 M14x1.5 14 ...

ISO Metric Thread | Metric Thread Chart | Apollo International

66 · The design principles of ISO general-purpose metric screw threads ("M" series threads) are …

Metric Pipe Fittings | McMaster-Carr

Fittings are metal for better durability than plastic barbed hose fittings. They have sharper barbs than standard barbed hose fittings to grip push-on hose without the need for clamps or ferrules. The more you pull on the fittings, the tighter the hose will grip.

Thread Type Guide: NPT, BSP, JIS, SAE, Metric – Trimantec

Jun 01, 2021· Metric thread type is most common in Europe. It has a cylindrical inner and outer diameter precise in millimeters. The fine taper of metric tapered thread allows for the best possible force transmission. In writing, you can identify metric threads by a capital "M" plus an indication of their nominal outside diameter (ex. M22 x 1.5).

Metric screw thread: M Profile calculator

Dec 08, 2019· Glossary. Thread calculator: All calculated results are based on; Basic outside diameter, Pitch, Pitch/Location Tolerances and Length of engagement as per ASME B1.13M-2005. This application is under developement. Last Updated: 08 December 2019.

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Metric Thread & Adapters. View as Grid List. 1 Item. Show. 9 15 30. per page. Sort By Position Product Name Price Set Descending Direction. Metric Fitting M10 M10X1 M10X1.0 to Male Adapter Gauge Fuel. $6.99 As low as $5.59.

External Metric Thread Table Chart and Fastener Sizes M1.6 ...

The following table chart defines standard metric external thread size M1.6 to M18 per. ANSI/ASME B1.13M-1995. These thread sizes and classes represent bolts and screws, as well, as other standard external threads. Do not use these values for standard metric internal thread design. All units in mm.

Metric thread tube compression fitting size chart ...

Metric thread tube compression fitting size chart Apr 02, 2020. Metric Tube Compression (DIN 2353 24° Cone) The male connector has a 240 Cone with a straight thread, while the three connectors have straight threads with a sealing surface.

Metric Thread Pitch Table - Austain

Metric Thread Pitch Table Metric Pitch Table Metric Diameter Pitch mm Coarse Standard Fine Standard 3mm 0.50 0.35 4mm 0.70 0.50 5mm 0.80 0.50 6mm 1.00 0.75 8mm 1.25 1.00 10mm 1.50 1.25 12mm 1.75 1.25 14mm 2.00 1.50 16mm 2.00 1.50 18mm 2.50 1.50 20mm 2.50 1.50 22mm 2.50 1.50 24mm 3.00 2.00 27mm 3.00 2.00 30mm 3.50 2.00


Metric ±.25mm • Keys: Inserts with internal thread size of 5/16-18 or larger are furnished with four locking keys. See chart on page 3.2 for installation information. Inch Inserts - Heavy Duty Installation Internal Part Number Tool Thread Carbon Stainless External Length Part Class 2B Steel Steel Thread …

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this is the unit of measurement all Metric tube fittings and the subsequent dash size system is based on. Note this measure-ment for later use. Determining size & series manually The next step is to identify the thread size and pitch. To identify thread size on a metric thread, simply take a caliper reading of the outer diameter (O.D) of the ...


On Charts 2A and 2B (below), examples of the relationship of Class of Fit to various tap limit sizes is shown for both Imperial and Metric sizes. In chart 2A, using a 1/4"-20NC or UNC thread size, it is obvious that an H5 limit (+.0025" over basic pitch diameter) can be used to cut the tightest class of thread in most machining situations,

Metric Screw Thread Chart - Best Materials

Metric Screw Thread Chart Metric Tap Size Tap Drill (Inches) Clearance Drill (Inches) M1.6 x 0.35 #55 (0.052) #50 (0.070) ... The values listed in the chart above are the recommended values for a class 2 thread fit. The clearance drill sizes listed are the most commonly used sizes.

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3B is a tight class of fit . Metric Sizes: 6H and 4H are most common. 6H is a loose class of fit (standard) – comparable to a 2B . 4H is a tight class of fit – comparable to a 3B . 6g is for external threads. 6G is an oversized internal thread . Unified Screw Thread series tables provide all this information.

Hydraulic Fitting Thread Chart | Hydraulics Direct

10 · After measuring the diameter of your threads, determine their spacing in threads per inch. In …

Hydraulic Fittings Thread Guide - Home | Pulsar Hydraulics

BSP threads seal in the same ways as NPT threads but are different dimensions, just, it sometime seems, to make life complicated for the distributor. BSP is very common on many types of European equipment as well as some Japanese machinery. The differences between BSP and NPT threads are detailed in the chart at the end of this section.

Metric Fasteners - Kanebridge

METRIC - PHILLIPS OVAL HEADS FORSELF-TAPPINGSCREWS ISO 7051 Nominal Diameter Thread Pitch AH FKM G Phillips Driver Size Distance from underside of head to 1st major diam of thread Head Diameter Raised Head Height Head Side Height Recess Diameter Recess Penetration Max Max Min Nom Max Ref Max Min ST 2.2 0.8 0.8 3.8 3.5 0.5 1.1 2.2 1.5 1.2 0

THREAD CHARTS • JIC – SAE • Metric/International

Metric Thread 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 27 30 33 36 42 48 M 10x1.0 M 12x1.5 M 14x1.5 M 16x1.5 M 18x1.5 M 20x1.5 M 22x1.5 M 24x1.5 M 26x1.5 M 27x2.0 M 30x2.0 M 33x2.0 M 36x2.0 M 42x2.0 M 48x2.0 15/16 - 12 THREAD CHARTS • JIC – SAE • Metric/International VISIT US AT BRENNANINC

Hydraulic Fitting Thread Identification Manual U.S.A. 2014

A Thread Pitch Gauge is used to determine the number of threads per inch or the distance between threads in a metric connection. To assure an accurate reading, make sure the fit of the thread gauge is snug. Measuring Thread Pitch Measuring Seat Angle A Seat Angle Gauge is used to measure the angle of the sealing surface.

Metric Thread 60° ISO tolerance calculator

All dimensions are in mm. 1. Choose a metric thread size and pitch. 2. Choose Tolerance grade for d2/D2. Choose Tolerance position for d2/D2. 3. Choose …

How to ID Metric Threads | Adaptall

22 · First, if the Metric thread is DIN 7631 it will have a 30° chamfer on the male thread, the same …

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Metric Bite Type Fittings are called out by tube size (in millimeters) i.e. 20mm Tube (S20), while Metric Port Fittings are called out by Thread O.D. and Thread Pitch (in millimeters) i.e. 30x2.0 or 30x1.5. BSPP fittings, while different from U.S. threads are still measured fractionally and are therefore called out by sixteenths of an inch.

Fitting Thread Size Chart - Printable - New-Line

Fitting Thread Size Chart. The following chart is intended as a quick reference guide for thread size by dash size. Click above to shop all fittings, or try our search function in the top right corner. Typical Layout for Expansion Joints. SAE J518 Code 61 and Code 62 4-Bolt Flanges.

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