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Fabricated steel flange coupling adapter. Used to join plain-end pipe to flanges. Nominal Sizes 12 - 96 inches. Working Pressure See product submittal. Pipe Compatibility Steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, plastic and other types of pipe

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Texas flange provides the different types of industrial flanges like socket weld, alloy pipe, chrome, duplex, carbon steel, lap joint, stainless steel, custom, weld neck, and many more. Call or email us today!

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XL Couplings Create greater confidence in your extreme condition pipe connections. The Fernco XL Coupling is built longer to be stronger, and more durable than any other coupling in the market.

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Mar 01, 2021· Connections between different types of pipe within the same nominal size are simple and quick with JCM bolted couplings and flanged adapters provide a means of inserting valves and equipment. JCM provides custom designs and optional materials to furnish the exact fitting for your system connection needs.

Benefits of using Flange Couplings

Jun 12, 2019· Flange Couplings are connectors between rotating chutes that have two arrangements of flanges. One of these chutes or flanges is fixed toward the finish of each shaft. To finish the process of transferring power, both the flanges are attached together with numerous nuts and screws.

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Couplings & Flange Adaptors. The Viking Johnson range of mechanical couplings and flange adaptors for the water industry is extensive and split into 3 …

Ductile iron butterfly valves (Wafer / Lug)

The butterfly and the body are both made of strong and durable ductile cast iron with an epoxy powder coating. The joint is mounted in the body and the shaft runs through the disc. Saint-Gobain PAM's short pattern butterfly valves comply with standard EN 1074­2.

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IndusTrial Supply that takes the waiting out of wanting! Trupply is the leading Pipes, Flange & Fittings industrial supplier for construction, petrochemical and oilfield customers because we offer competitive prices, superior product knowledge and hassle-free ordering.

9 Types of Pipe Flanges – A complete Guide for Engineer

These flanges are available in weld neck, slip-on, and threaded end types. Reducing flanges are an economical way to make transitions between pipes of different sizes, however, due to high-pressure loss, they are rarely used in piping. ASME B16.5 covers the dimensions of reducing flanges.

What are the Differences Between Flexible Couplings ...

Apr 04, 2016· With so many types of flexible couplings on the market, designers need to understand the differences between them to ensure that they make the right selection for an application.

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800-558-5236 8 GENERAL DATA FEATURES & BENEFITS UÊÊ 8 /9 Grinnell® flexible couplings are able to absorb linear movement of the pipework due to temperature changes. This eliminates or minimizes the use of

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Provides a single coupling connection for grooved end stainless steel pipe to grooved end copper tubing of the same nominal size; Designed for use only on Types 304 and 316 Schedules 10S and 40S stainless steel pipe and ASTM B88 Types K, L and M and ASTM B306 Type DWV copper tubing; Sizes from 2 - 6"/DN50 - DN150; Pressures up to 300 psi/2068 ...

Flange coupling adapter vs. flange by MJ adapter. - Water ...

Mar 20, 2017· The word "adapter" or adaptor is (IMHO) a sort of generic or proprietary device term, that does however imply a conversion of a factory or cut pipe spigot end to an in some configuration simulated flanged end (e.g. to allow a flanged piping or valve etc. item to be inserted into the line, and/or perhaps also in "field-adaptable" or cut-to-suit fashion, to also precisely locate the flanged end ...

Flange Adaptor Applications - multiflex pipe couplings

Our Flange Adapter NC.1131 is an excellent pipe joint to connect a plain-end pipe with something that have a flange, like a flanged pipe or Butterfly Valve. Between the flange and the plain-end pipe the length of the plain-end pipe can be a little shorter what will be covered by the Flange Adapter.

FlexLock Adaptor - Features and Benefits - Viking Johnson

Viking Johnson Multi Million Pound Investment Crane BS&U has completed a multi-million pound investment in its Viking Johnson factory at Hitchin that will strengthen its business model to deliver enhanced customer benefits in terms of 'Best in Class' service and products. The investment has supported the creation of an entire linked value stream from the supply of raw materials through to the ...

Hydraulic Fittings and Flanges | Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Feb 04, 2020· Standard hydraulic flanges (Fig. 6) overcome both of these problems. Flanges use an O-ring to seal a joint and contain pressurized fluid. An elastomeric O-ring rests in a groove on a flange and mates with a flat surface on a port—an arrangement similar to the FFOR fitting.


TEXAS FLANGE PRODUCT CATALOG : VER 5.00 P 800.826.3801 F 877.610.8893 P 281.484.8325 F 281.484.8730 Information in this catalog was compiled from industry sources that Texas Flange & Fitting believes to be reliable.

Dismantling joints for valves - Ductile iron pipe

Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Repair Collars and Dismantling Joints; Dismantling Joints. Valves and Fittings. For facilitating the dismantling or the reassembly of a flanged piece of equipment on a pipeline. Saint-Gobain PAM manufactures a range of dismantling joints in order to make the assembly and dismantling of valves easier.

Hydraulic flange fundamentals | Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Mar 05, 2012· Figure 2 — Popular adapters for connecting flanges to other types of connectors. For pipe or tube connections, a flange head with a machined O-ring groove is typically welded or brazed on. An alternative is to place a flat face flange onto the end of the tube or pipe and use a bonded elastomeric seal plate as the seal between the two flat ...

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Flange Adapters 6; Flanges 10; Flexible Rubber Coupling 1; Flexible Stainless Steel Hoses 2; Flexible Water Heater Connectors 2; Floor Flanges 6; Flue Stoppers 1; Full Face Gaskets 6; Gaskets 4; Hangers 2; Hexagonal Bushings 39; Inserts 1; Male Adapters 12; Mechanical Couplings 2; Mechanical Tees 7; Miscellaneous - Plumbing 1; Nipple Adapters 1 ...

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Our range of flange adaptors benefit from a broad tolerance for use with a variety of materials. The adaptor can be fitted to a grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and fibre cement pipes, and also to steel or PVC tubes. The range of adapters is available for continuous lengths of pipe with exterior diameters between …

Mechanical Pipeline Connectors, Flange Adaptors, and ...

Hydratight's Mechanical Connectors are available in a variety of formats, including Flange Adaptor terminating a bare-pipe with a flange, and Coupling joining one bare-end pipe direct to another. All formats suit specific applications, whether for use on carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex or other pipe materials.- 30 years ...

Grooved Versus Flanged Connections | Pumps & Systems

May 24, 2012· The use of additional couplings, whether flexible or rigid, will further reduce the transmission of vibration. System vibration and other forces can lead to joint problems in a flanged system. Flanging employs a series of bolts and nuts to compress a gasket between …

Difference Between Flange Adaptor and Dismantling Joint ...

Feb 16, 2013· We are in water carbon steel pipe line projet with this spec. pipe according to Api 5L Gr 52. 80 in dia. 9.53 mm thikness. working pressure 9 bar. in the valve champer which beter to install flange adaptor or dismantling joint.. and is there a specific direction for the flange adaptor while installation (in the diriction of the flow or the opposite direction).

How are Rigid and Flexible Pipe Couplings Different ...

Oct 30, 2018· Jump forward to the 1980s, where we see the emergence of the first lower-pressure, grooved rigid pipe coupling designed for use on standard weight and light wall carbon steel, and with that, an opportunity arose for grooved mechanical pipe couplings …

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Pipe Flanges: Pipe Couplings & Jonting: PVC PIPE & Fittings: PVC Pressure Fittings: HDPE Polyethylene Piping: HDPE Pipe Fittings: Irrigation Products: Pumps: Valves - General Purpose: Valves Industrial: Valves - Waterworks: Valves PVC & PP: Pipe Working Tools: Plumbing Products : Watermeters: Civils Products: Fire / Petrol Products

Flange Adaptor & Coupling - Henan Shunying

Flange Adaptor & Coupling is used for quick connection between the two pipes, and allows the pipe at both ends to freely expand and contract in the casing stroke of the Flange Adaptor & Coupling . The gland type compensation joint is a variety of water supply and …

LOKRING Technology: Fluid and Gas Transfer Connectors

Difference. When you need a better fluid or gas connection, Lokring has the right solutions for you. We make the most advanced fluid connectors on the market. Our high quality products are designed to meet your demanding specifications.

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