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Compressed Air Fittings - Connecting Compressors with Air ...

Most air compressors out the box will come with a 1/4" BSP (British Standard Pipe) thread. Which looks like this: Below are 3 arrangements for the compressor outlet:

5 Best Air Compressor Accessory Kits - June 2021 - BestReviews

With air compressor accessory kits, you have the option of purchasing plugs and couplers made of either steel or brass. Both are good choices, with caveats. Steel is tougher but more prone to corrosion. Make sure it's treated to be corrosion resistant. Brass can be more easily damaged, but it is corrosion resistant and forms a better seal.


been a pioneer for forty years in both steel and brass service valves focused on the Refrigeration and air ... steel and aluminum fittings and components for the automotive and specialty vehicle markets Initially founded to support first a local international supplier ... • Zinc plating standard…

Guide to Compressed Air Piping Systems | Quincy Compressor

May 15, 2020· Posted on: May 15, 2020 Owners of compressed air piping systems tend to focus on the compressor and think of the piping as less of a concern. However, just as hearts can fail due to clogged arteries, compressors can fail due to poor piping. And even if it doesn't fail outright, power lost to faulty or inefficient pipes can cut into your profits.

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At Gruner Brass Fittings Corp., we believe in three things: producing quality products, having competitive prices, and providing exceptional customer service. As a global supplier and leading manufacturer of brass fittings that are plumbing necessities, we make sure that every product that leaves our doors are up to the highest industry standards.

Brass Compression Fittings - OEM Air Compressor

Air Compressors; Vacuum Pumps; Van Air® Products and Replacement Parts by Number; AirEnd Parts & Accessories. Air Intake and Inline Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and Filters; Air Manifolds (All Types) Anti-Vibration Pads; Ball Valves, Swing Checks, Gate Valves and Y-Strainers; Bando Replacement Belts; Brass Compression Fittings. 90° ...

Steel vs. Brass Air Fittings : Tools

If it was me, and it recently has, I'd go brass. It won't corrode like steel and if you didn't know the difference between the two I'm assuming that means you aren't going to be the person using the hell out of them, so the durability of steel isn't necessary.

The Truck and Trailer OEM's Guide to Air Brake Tube Fittings

Jun 07, 2018· Brass compression fittings withstand high heat. As such, they are often chosen for environments near air compressors and in engine compartments. Customization lends itself well to brass compression fittings. Brass can be manufactured into various shapes with relative speed, however, its physical properties can add some manufacturing complexity.

The best compressed air pipe for you | the Workshop Compressor

For steel pipes, we have plain steel, stainless steel, copper and galvanized steel pipes that are often used. For plastic, there is a whole range of plastic types all with their own characteristics. Steel pipes are heavier and more expensive compared to plastic pipes.

Air Compressor Safety | Working Safely with Compressed Air

Sep 23, 2015· Fittings: Only use secure standard fittings on air lines. Tags: Place tags on each air line that indicate its maximum working pressure to help operators avoid exceeding these limits. General Operator Safety. Operators should also take certain precautions while operating air compressors and after completing a project using an air compressor.

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We wholeheartedly value quality and that is why all our air compressor accessories are created by top rated brands that pass the standard testing. When shopping the complete collection of air compressor automotive tools, enjoy browsing inclusions such as spring compressors, engraving needles, air compressor condors, air blow guns, adapters and ...

Compression Fitting Adapters | McMaster-Carr

A tube adapter sits flush against the flat face of the fitting so you can slide the steel tubing and fitting sideways to disconnect in cramped spaces. ... Brass Compression Tube Fittings for Air and Water. A single sleeve ... Connect these fittings to standard-wall plastic pipe for use in low- to medium-pressure applications up to 810 psi.


Compressed Air Pipe and Fittings A push-fit system of fittings and pipe which means a compressed air supply can be installed quickly and easily with much reduced production down time. Compressed Air Products 05 - 24 Pneumatic Fittings Metric Size Fittings in 4 to 12mm sizes. Selected items have Superthread. A unique thread with integral

123c Fittings & Clamps - NewAge Industries

Recommended Fittings & Clamps section found at each tubing and hose product to guide you in your selection. You'll see on the following pages that NewAge Industries offers barbed fittings — Thermobarb® — in various plastic materials and in brass for use with soft-walled tubing. A wide range of standard sizes are available. Heavy duty cam ...

Compression Fittings | South Africa

Parker compression fitting solutions suit a wide variety of industrial applications. With no need for tube preparation, flaring, or soldering, our compression fitting range delivers secure, tight, and leak resistant connections, as well as maximum convenience. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, these compression fittings feature hardened and corrosion resistant ferrules for optimum ...

Air Hose Fittings - Ace Hardware

Shop Air Hose Fittings online at AceHardware and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace.

Air Fittings | About Air Compressors

Dec 25, 2018· The NPT Fitting Standard. ... If you do use it, just be careful to keep the tape wound well back from the end of the fitting thread, and do not let the Teflon tape overlap air passages when the fitting is threaded into the hole. ... How to connect 3/8 hose to 1/4 compressor. Fitting and hose size and air flow. Compression fitting size ...

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In 2001, we started the OEM fittings manufacturing with the purpose of supplying the plumbing distribution companies with quality products and affordable prices. See more Keeping up with our customer needs, we invested in new and modern technology capable for higher production, more precision and environmentally friendly.

Pneumatic Fittings & Accessories | Air Supplies™ UK

Manufacturers and Distributors of Fluid Fittings With over 20,000 products in stock from a 16'500 square feet hi-tech distribution centre, a bespoke manufacturing service, and a vast range of additional products available from our industry wide contacts, Air Supplies are a leading manufacturer and distributor of fluid and air fittings. Please browse through the full range of products.

SimplAir Compressed Air Piping | Ingersoll Rand

All-metal system — Safer and more reliable than plastic; High pipe-to-fitting engagement — Increases structural integrity; Corrosion-resistant — Minimizes turbulence and pressure loss; Recyclable piping material — Aluminum piping material can be recycled; Lightweight and easy to handle — Up to 90% lighter than comparable steel piping; Easy to install/modify — For faster, simpler ...

Industrial, Gas and Trucking Hose & Fittings | Fairview

Beginning as a small manufacturer and distributor of fittings and hose in 1969, Fairview has grown into a trusted source for quality industrial products and reliable service. Today our product catalog is comprised of more than 15,000 active line items, including an unmatched selection of fittings.

Welcome to the higher standard - Eaton

Eaton brass adapters are manufactured out of durable UNS C36000 brass. This provides outstanding corrosion resistance for a variety of applications from air brake to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Large, uniform wrench pad areas have standard dimensions for easy assembly and disassembly using standard open-end wrenches.

Fittings - Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

Along with our high-quality air compressors and compressor piping, Compressed Air Systems also offers air compressor fittings for any need. Our experienced and helpful systems specialists can help you create the perfect air compressor system for you and your business, including everything from the air compressor right down to the small parts such as nuts […]

Amazon: ColorFit by Milton Coupler & Plug Kit - (M ...

These are clearly not steel, except for the quick connect silver parts of the body. All of the red parts are aluminum. I guess the words, steel "design" are made to mimic steel? I am still going to use them where I can but I can say from experience that aluminum air fitting will not hold up to impact tool abuse or tools with a pneumatic hammer.

Brass vs Steel Air Compressor Fittings - General ...

Nov 02, 2019· The same air compressor fitting is available in steel and brass, but the steel one is a couple dollars less expensive. ... The steel is zinc coated or plated, depending on supplier and is pretty tough. The brass seals better but can be damaged more easily than the steel. The steel will seal with the right sealer. I generally use teflon pipe ...

Compression Fittings | Parker NA

Parker compression fitting solutions suit a wide variety of industrial applications. With no need for tube preparation, flaring, or soldering, our compression fitting range delivers secure, tight, and leak resistant connections, as well as maximum convenience. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, these compression fittings feature hardened and corrosion resistant ferrules for optimum ...

Compressed Air Piping - EXAIR Corporation

It uses our Super Air Knife (40:1 air amplification) to deliver a uniform sheet of ionized air effective up to 20 feet (6.1m) away. Gen4® Standard Ion Air Knife™ and Accessories The Gen4 Standard Ion Air Knife uses our Standard Air Knife (30:1 air amplification) to deliver a sheet of ionized air to the surface.

5 Best Air Compressor Fittings For 2021 » PowerToolsUS

The first air compressor fitting on our list is by Milton and it is considered to be one of the best rated air compressor fittings.. These kits offer a maximum pressure of 300 PSI and have a maximum airflow of 40 CFM. This pneumatic kit contains a variety of different plugs, couplers, and has a 1/4″ basic flow size.

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